The 14 Types of Commercial Business Insurance

This general outline of the different commercial policies allows you to quickly compare coverage and determine which insurance plans best fit your needs, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about the risks.

If you run a business, odds are you will use at least one of the policies mentioned in this list.

1. General Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance provides broad coverage. Protects from claims made against damages caused during business operations. Protects against properties rented by your firm, medical claims, legal injuries. Mandatory.

Without general liability insurance, it is going to be harder to get clients and grow your business. Protects from claims brought against damages caused to others. Business liability insurance does not cover damages made within your company.

2. Commercial Property Insurance

Real Estate Protection

If you own or lease real estate or equipment, Commercial Property Insurance protects your investments from catastrophic events like fires and storms. You should consider this insurance if you run a business from home. Don’t rely on home insurance alone. Business property is not covered by home insurance.

Consider getting separate property insurance for especially valuable property. If renting, you will need renters insurance to protect from damage caused by tenants.

3. Commercial Auto Insurance

Company Vehicle Protection

The protection of commercial auto insurance is limited to company vehicles used on a daily basis.

4. Workers Compensation Insurance

Employee Protection

Consider getting Workers Compensation Insurance if you have employees and you want protection from claims made against damages caused to employees. Many states make workers comp insurance an essential requirement to having employees in the first place.

5. Professional Liability Insurance

Protects The Services You Provide

If you provide specialized services, adding professional liability insurance protects you from claims made against damages caused to clients. You risk losing your business without this policy.

6. Product Liability Insurance

Protects The Products You Provide

If you provide a product, you need to get product liability insurance if you want protection made by claims made against damages caused by the quality or function of what you sell.

7. Business Owner’s Policy

Package Deal

This insurance is a package customized for your business. Most insurance providers offer Business Owner Policy bundles or BOP’s. These allow you to save money by combining the types of insurance you need.

8. Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Extra Protection

Commercial Umbrella Insurance gives you extra coverage over incidents not fully insured by the other insurance policies you own.

9. Cyber Liability insurance

Online Businesses and Virtual Property Protection

Doing business virtually using the internet comes with a risk of hacks and data breaches. Protect yourself from claims made against damages caused by data leaks.

10. Business Crime Insurance

Protection from Criminal Mischief

Property insurance does not cover damages caused by criminal activity like loses due to fraud and theft. Crime Insurance allows you to get protection for specific crimes which may apply to you.

11. Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment and Machinery Protection

It’s important to protect equipment essential to the operation of your business. Equipment Breakdown Insurance can be purchased on its own or used in a bundle to supplement a policy you already have for your company. This insurance covers claims made against damages caused by equipment failure.

Supplementary Insurance Policies

The following insurance plans can only be added to an existing policy:

12. Accounts Receivable Insurance

If you lose the ability to bill clients due to lost or damage of receipts or other billing data, Accounts Receivable Insurance gives you an added layer of protection and mitigates the financial losses of such an event.

13. Business Interruption insurance

Business Income insurance, or business interruption insurance, protects your company from losses stemming from temporary closures due to natural disasters and similar events.

14. Business Crime Insurance and Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Although you have the option of getting business crime insurance or equipment breakdown insurance by themselves, you can also choose to use them as add-ons to supplement an existing policy you own.

The goal is to get maximum coverage and protection at a minimal cost to your company.

In life it is impossible to completely avoid risk.

Thankfully insurance policies, like those listed, are available to help you further reduce your risk for common situations you may encounter depending on your business model and location.