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Alabama Business Startup Services Directory

Starting a business can be a complex and challenging process.

To make it easier, we have compiled a directory of essential services that entrepreneurs may need when starting a business in Alamaba.

These services include legal, financial, and operational support, among other things.

Use this directory to find the right professionals to help you with your business startup needs.


Business Formation Lawyers: Help with selecting the right business structure, drafting and filing necessary documents.

Intellectual Property Lawyers: Assist with trademark, patent, and copyright protection.

Employment Lawyers: Ensure compliance with labor laws and draft employment agreements.

Tax Lawyers: Assist with tax planning, compliance, and disputes with tax authorities.

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers: Guide businesses through the process of buying, selling, or merging with other companies.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers: Help negotiate leases, purchase agreements, and navigate zoning regulations for business properties.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Lawyers: Ensure compliance with data protection laws and develop strategies to protect sensitive information.

Registered Agents

  • Provide a physical address and receive legal documents on behalf of your business.

  • Ensure compliance with state requirements for maintaining a registered agent.

2022 Alabama State Recognized Registered Agents List (PDF)

Business Filings Incorporated - No Website 1-334-262-0350

Cogency Global Inc 1-800-483-1140

Capitol Corporate Services Inc 1-800-345-4647

Corporate Creations Network Inc 1-800-672-9110

CSC Global 1-800-927-9800

CT Corporation System 1-877-577-4849

D5 Tax Services, LLC - No Website 1-205-868-3139

SearchTec, Inc. - No Website 1-334-649-4100

Unisearch, Inc. 1-800-722-0708

United Agent Services LLC - No Website 1-302-467-3700 (404 Error)

URS Agents, LLC 1-800-567-4397

Vcorp Agent Services Inc 1-888-528-2677

Legacy Tax Services - No Website 205-835-8202

First Corporate Solutions, Inc 1-844-392-7588

Incorp Services Inc 1-800-246-2677

ISL Inc - No Website 1-800-346-4646

Lambert Financial 1-205-864-4836

LegalCorp Solutions, LLC 1-888-534-3018

LegalInc Corporate Services Inc 1-844-386-0178

National Registered Agents Inc 1-800-767-1553

Northwest Registered Agent Service Inc 1-509-768-2249

Parasec Incorporated 1-800-533-7272

Registered Agents Inc 1-307-200-2803

Alabama Registered Agent LLC 1-205-383-1667

Contract Writers

  • Draft, review, and negotiate various business contracts.
  • Ensure contracts are legally binding and protect your business interests.

Martinson & Beason

Ritchey & Ritchey

David R. Blount

Financial Services

Financial Advisors

  • Assist with financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Help identify potential funding sources and strategies for business growth.

Allan McClure

Steve Hanley

Jones Paparella Group

Mike Ellis


Accountants play a vital role in ensuring the financial health of a business.

They are responsible for preparing and analyzing financial statements, managing tax obligations, and providing insights into financial performance.

Accountants also offer strategic advice to help businesses optimize their financial operations and minimize tax liabilities.

Recommended Experts by Business Initiative:

Valuable Tips:

  1. Leverage Tax Planning: Work closely with your accountant to develop a proactive tax strategy that leverages deductions, credits, and tax-efficient structures to reduce your overall tax burden.

  2. Regular Financial Review: Schedule regular financial reviews with your accountant to stay informed about your business’s financial position and address any issues early on.

  3. Budgeting and Forecasting: Use your accountant’s expertise to create realistic budgets and forecasts, helping you make informed decisions and plan for the future.


Bookkeepers are essential for maintaining accurate financial records, which are the foundation of a successful business.

They handle day-to-day financial transactions, such as recording income and expenses, reconciling bank statements, and managing payroll.

A proficient bookkeeper ensures that your financial data is up-to-date and accurate, providing a clear picture of your business’s financial health.

Recommended Experts by Business Initiative:

Valuable Tips:

  1. Stay Organized: Keep your financial records well-organized and up-to-date to simplify the bookkeeping process and ensure accuracy.

  2. Implement Efficient Processes: Use bookkeeping software to automate routine tasks and streamline your financial processes, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

  3. Regular Reconciliation: Regularly reconcile your accounts to catch any discrepancies early and ensure the integrity of your financial data.

Commercial Insurance Brokers

Running a business comes with various risks and uncertainties.

To protect your venture, it’s crucial to have the right insurance coverage.

Insurance brokers are essential for finding the best insurance deals and terms.

They compare policies from different insurers, negotiate terms, and help businesses make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

Commercial insurance brokers are able to assess your business risks, provide recommendations, and help you navigate the complexities of insurance policies.

Trusted Choice Insurance

Schneider Insurance Agency

Byars Wright

Valuable Tips:

  1. Customized Coverage: Work closely with your insurance agent to tailor insurance policies specific to your business needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

  2. Regular Policy Review: Schedule annual reviews with your insurance agent to update your coverage based on changes in your business operations.

  3. Risk Management: Use your agent’s expertise to implement effective risk management practices, reducing potential claims and insurance costs.

  4. Claims Assistance: Rely on your broker to assist you through the claims process, ensuring timely and fair settlements.

  5. Specialized Coverage: Leverage your broker’s knowledge to obtain specialized coverage for unique risks specific to your industry.


  • Assist with opening business bank accounts and managing cash flow.
  • Provide access to credit facilities, such as loans and lines of credit.

Bryant Bank

Peoples Bank of Alabama

Alabama Credit Union

Merchants Bank of Alabama

Investment Advisors

  • Help identify investment opportunities for excess capital.
  • Develop strategies to maximize returns while minimizing risks.


Peachtree Planning

The Welch Group


Leavell Investments


Financial Technology Providers

  • Offer digital solutions for payment processing, invoicing, and expense management.
  • Streamline financial operations through automation and integration with other business systems.

Regions Bank


Harbert Management Corporation

Crowdfunding Consultants

  • Guide businesses through the process of raising funds via crowdfunding platforms.
  • Assist with campaign strategy, marketing, and investor relations.


Open Grants

Alabama Giving

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

  • Evaluate startups for potential investments.
  • Provide capital, mentorship, and industry connections to help businesses grow.

Alabama Launchpad

Redmont Capital

EBSCO Capital

Medical Properties Trust



Marketing Services

Marketing Consultants

  • Develop marketing strategies and plans for your business.
  • Assist with branding, advertising, and social media management.

Brand Neue Company

Market Veep

Total Comm Marketing Communications

Public Relations Firms

  • Manage media relations and create press releases.
  • Develop and execute strategies for enhancing your business’s public image.

Style Advertising

Peritus Public Relations


SEO Experts

  • Optimize your business’s online presence for search engines.
  • Improve website visibility and help increase traffic.

Bell Media

Ace Media

Moore Tech Solutions

Uptick Marketing

Content Creators

  • Develop engaging written, visual, and multimedia content for your website, blog, and social media channels.
  • Help establish your brand’s voice and connect with your target audience.

The Brink Agency



IT Support Services

  • Manage your business’s technology infrastructure and provide ongoing support.
  • Assist with software, hardware, and network maintenance.

Real Time


Alabama Managed IT

This directory is meant to serve as a starting point for entrepreneurs searching for the necessary services to successfully start and grow their businesses.

Each business is unique and may require additional services not listed here.

Be sure to conduct thorough research and consult with professionals to ensure your specific business needs are met.