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How to Calculate Customer Acquisiton Costs (CAC)

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CAC is an important metric because it helps businesses understand how much they need to spend on marketing and sales to acquire new customers, and whether these costs are sustainable over the long term.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Calculator

In this calculator, just input the total marketing and sales expenses (in dollars) and the number of new customers acquired.

Then click the “Calculate” button to display the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in dollars.

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Jack Nicholaisen

Jack Nicholaisen is the founder of After acheiving the rank of Eagle Scout and studying Civil Engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), he has spent the last 4 years disecting the mess of informaiton online about LLCs in order to help aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners better understand everything there is to know about starting, running, and growing Limited Liability Companies and other business entities.